Having just watched Beach Walk #192 again, I realize now that the audio skipped the first time I listened to it. I mean, I knew the audio was skipping (probably because of something taking processor cycles on my computer), but I didn’t figure I missed any of the point of Rox’s videoblog. I missed two words. I missed “with” and I missed “us”.

The difference that it makes is that it transforms the sentence “get something going” into “get something going with us“. 🙂 The rest of the conversation in the blog was left vague, intentionally, so Rox could make her point without spilling any of her beans, so I carried my context with me as I watched the video.

My comments are the same, except I see the question more as a business issue, involving whomever “us” is, rather than a relationship issue.

I think context is important, and especially tough to decipher over the internet. There’s not a lot you can do other than TYPE LARGE and “use quotes” and smileys 🙂 :/ 🙁 to attempt to ‘flavor’ your conversation. People can take what they THOUGHT a communication was about and run with it, to the point of building complex scenarios on top of something that never existed in the first place. I mean… you sign off of AIM thinking you typed “I love you” to a chick, but you actually typed “I lose you”, and she goes around crying to anyone that will listen about how you’re dumping her! 😀 That is… until you call her on the phone later on, wondering if you can see her and she has a fit until she calms down enough to tell you what you did wrong to her and everyone finds out there was a one-letter misunderstanding.

I think people should strive to get to know each other so context becomes less of a factor because they have a good understanding of the other person’s way of being towards them.

The more you know…..

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