Do it? Don’t do it?

It’s interesting to read a blog in reverse…. at least a blog where the person is revealing (admittedly few) ways of thinking or being. You experience their personalities AFTER an event, then you get to see the event, then you get to see them BEFORE the event.

It’s also interesting to comment on a blog that’s not happening in real-time. I mean, the blog happenED in real-time, but that time is now the past, and we’re in what was then considered to be the future. After this post, either something happened or nothing happened. It’s still interesting to consider the possible effects of a prior episode that may linger inside a person you’ve already experienced in their own future……


Beach Walk #192 asks the question “to act, or not to act”. I think the real question is whether the outcome will be the same for the person making it happen IF they MAKE it happen. The actual physical outcome may be the same, but sometimes, the means are as important, if not much more so, than the ends…

I was walking with someone… somewhere… one time… in New York City, and she saw a flower vendor on the corner we were approaching. She got all happy and exclaimed “BUY ME SOME FLOWERS!!! :D”… I figured she was kidding, so I just looked at her. She wasn’t kidding, and she repeated her request. That’s when I had to tell her what time it was.

“It doesn’t work like that. You don’t REQUEST flowers. The point of the flowers is that the guy WANTED to give them to you. If you ask for the flowers, and THEN the guy buys them for you, he’s just the one handing the vendor the money. The flowers don’t MEAN anything at all.”

She thought about it and finally understood what I was saying. The point of flowers isn’t flowers. The point of flowers is expression of something. It could be an emotion… It could be “I think you’re lovely”… It could be “I was wrong in our argument last night (even though I wasn’t, but that’s a different topic)”. Requesting flowers and receiving them defeats the purpose of the flowers. It only proves that the guy knows how to follow orders! 😀

Similarly (and here comes the outdated, or perhaps post-dated information), there could be a difference in perception between A) waiting to see if a relationship progresses and B) making that progression happen. That gets into the realm of “Destiny? Fate? Meaningless Coincidence?”. CAN you make a relationship progress? Is the right thing going to happen for you, regardless of what you do? If so, why do anything at all? Do you have any influence in the creation of your own destiny?

Meanwhile, it also depends on the actions/reactions of the other person. How are they going to respond to your either “making it happen” or “letting it flow”? hehehe one never knows, so sometimes, you just have to choose a direction and go for the ride…..

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