Rox interview on PulverTV’s “Focus”

So I’m browsing around my uni-directional friends list on, and I decided to check out David Kowarsky‘s show, PulverTV’s “Focus”.

David reviews internet shows in his video blog. I had seen an episode of “Focus” while browsing‘s list of recent (at the time) uploads. Some time later, I met David @ the Pulver / Network2 party I blogged a while back.

Once I realized I had seen David’s show, I just HAAAAAAD to find out from him why he pulled out a watergun uzi, and when he squeezed the trigger, they only used the sound effect of one bullet coming out! 😀 He responded that it was a Mac-11, and not an uzi… which, of course….. cleared everything up for me! 😀


So I’m looking at the list of “Focus” shows, and I see an episode with Roxanne Darling from BeachWalks.TV. I’m always interested in what Rox has to say, so I decided to check it out.

About the third thing she mentions in the interview is that she and I did a beachwalks episode together, and I see b-roll that we shot for the intro and a section of us chatting. 🙂 Our BeachWalk #258 was posted November 9th and Rox said on “Focus” that we did it ‘yesterday’, and the Pulver party was on November 15th. Assuming David actually watched that episode, either because he actually watches BeachWalks With Rox or just preparing for his show, that means that he saw an episode of mine the same way I had seen an episode of his. 🙂

The term “small world” applies here, somewhere. 😀

Aloha, viewers! Focus this week is an interview with Roxanne Darling of the daily videoblog Beach Walks with Rox. Rox also runs a web development company, Bare Feet Studios. Network2 is proud to carry such an astute observer of the landscape of new media.

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  1. Hey Bill-

    Small world indeed :).

    Thanks much for the mention and the clip!

    I’d love to get an interview with you sometime in early 2K7. I believe we’ve exchanged cards, I know I have yours. . N2 may be spending a bit more time in the city so, we’ll be in touch. Ciao for now!


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