Carlos’ Blue Belt!!! :D

January, 2007 News


Congratulations to Carlos Feliz for recieving his blue belt!! Carlos came back from a dislocated shoulder to earn his blue belt with true Gracie Jiu Jitsu spirit. Congratulations again to Carlos for his big heart and hard training mentality!

Congrats to Carlos, because of whom I was privileged to watch the Renzo Gracie vs. Carlos Newton fight in person @ Mohegan Sun last month!

Their caption says it all… almost…

What it doesn’t say is that Renzo Gracie himself was instrumental in making sure that Carlos’ injury wasn’t as bad as it DEFINITELY COULD have been. I know Carlos has thanked him personally and sincerely, but I’d like to add my thanks as well to Renzo for going “above and beyond” what’s expected or perhaps required of someone running a school or leading any kind of group. That love for and attention to his students is what has created the enthusiastic and hard-working family that surrounds him.


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