The Lab – Production Log Pickup 01

I have literally *NOT* had a chance to update my production blog on “The Lab” since my last entry, which was about ten days ago. There just haven’t been enough hours in each day in the last two weeks.

I rushed production on “American Pimp” because I had to get it done before going to BlogHer Business ’07 with Rox from BeachWalks.TV. I shot video @ BlogHerBiz that I STILL haven’t finished uploading. That was on a Thursday and Friday. That Sunday, I went to Central Park with Mike, Eric & Sandra… more video from that… Then I spent the rest of the week preparing flickr pictures, editing and uploading videos and working on my next episode of “The Lab” that I had wanted to finish by that Friday.

So I had decided that in honor of my new BlogHer friends, I’d do this weeks show based on “The Witches of Eastwick”….. Only to watch the whole movie then realize there wasn’t enough material for me to comment on in an entertaining fashion. So I had to switch gears and select another movie, which was “Clerks”, which ended up having way more material than I needed.

So I watched the movie and selected the clips I THOUGHT I was going to use. I then started writing my dialogue based on getting from clip to clip. What I SHOULD have done was time the clips from the beginning when I selected them. I like to aim around 3-4 minutes for an episode, so including intro and credits, that should place me around 1:30 worth of clips, leaving the rest of the time for dialogue. AFTER I got the clips together, and AFTER I wrote my initial run at the dialogue, I found out that I had probably 5 minutes worth of clips, so I needed to get rid of most of them and find a new ‘out’.

I needed a new ‘out’ because the old one was a joke based on the fact that Dante’s ex-girlfriend was getting married. In trimming the clips, I cut out all the references to Caitlin getting married. In fact, I cut out all references to Caitlin altogether. There was literally no time in the timeline to set up the ‘out’, so the ‘out’ had to go along with everything else. This meant my final dialogue was useless, because it set up the ‘out’, and it meant my intro dialogue was useless, because it set up things that I wasn’t going to talk about.


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