Thursday, June 22, 2006

RSbik006: TGRacing 01

TGRacing takes the sportbikes to the track!

RScar001: Pontiac Day - Episode 1

Pontiac Day @ ATCO: Jay, Henry, Andrew, Paul & Bill spend a day at the track. Jay races his '65 GTO. Henry races his '69 GTO.

RSots005: Puerto Rican Day Parade '06 (Part 4)

Frankie Cutlass and WKTU's Vic Latino @ The National Puerto Rican Day Parade on Manhattan's 5th Avenue in NYC.

RSots004: Puerto Rican Day Parade '06 (Part 3)

The first New York Puerto Rican Day Parade was held on Sunday, April 12 1958 in "Barrio" in Manhattan. Amongst its founders were; Jose "Chuito" Caballero, Peter Ortiz, Luisa Quintero, Victor Lopez, Luis Amando Feliciano, Vicente Hernandez, Angel M. Arroyo, Atanacio Rivera Feliciano, and Amalio Maisanave Rios.

RSots003: Puerto Rican Day Parade '06 (Part 2)

2006 National Puerto Rican Day Parade from New York City.

RSots002: Puerto Rican Day Parade '06 (Part 1)

The Tenth Annual National Puerto Rican Day Parade was held on Sunday, June 11th. 2006 along its route on Fifth Avenue in New York City, starting at 44th Street and ending at 86th Street, with more than 80,000 people marching.

RSkr3ts002: Festival Juste Pour Rire

KR3TS Dance Company performs @ Festival "Juste Pour Rire" (Just For Laughs) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and @ "Summer in the Square" in New York City.

Director/Choreographer: Violeta Galagarza.
Video Edit: Bill Cammack.

RSbik005: Riding Street 01

Bikes, Sportbikes, Motorcycles....
Gettin' our RIDE on! :D

RSbik004: Jer-z Jewelz Bike Nite (part 4)

Bike Nite @ Fuddruckers every Wednesday!

Hosted by the Jer-z Jewelz & The Kawboyz... 6:30pm to ???

28 US Highway 1, New Brunswick, NJ. Exit 9 off the Turnpike.

RSbik003: Jer-z Jewelz Bike Nite (part 3)

Jer-z Jewelz & friends get togeher for group pics!

RSbik002: Jer-z Jewelz Bike Nite (part 2)

The Jersey Kawboyz reppin' @ Jer-z Jewelz Bike Nite!

RSbik001: Jer-z Jewelz Bike Nite (Part 1)

And now... some words from our host Ali, aka "Bigg Dogg"...

RSots001: Puerto Rican Festival

A brotha tries to get some love @ the annual festival in Spanish Harlem the day before the Puerto Rican Day Parade!

RSkr3ts001: KR3TS Dance Company

Keep Rising To The Top's (KR3TS) mission is to broaden the notion of what a dancer is and to promote the preservation of ethnic and cultural dances.

Reel Solid kicks off.....

June 22nd, 2006.... 2:10 PM... releasing Reel Solid TV in 3g2 format for viewing on multimedia phones.