Monday, May 29, 2006

ReelSolidTV Episode 02

A brotha tries to get some love @ the annual festival in Spanish Harlem before the Puerto Rican Day Parade!


Saturday, June 10 2006
116th Street Festival / El Abrazo Fraternal
Date: Saturday June 10, 2006
Time: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Location: East Harlem, New York, NY
Attendance: 1,000,000

The 116th Street Festival is designed to highlight, embrace, and celebrate the cultural experiences of Hispanic families in the United States, the Caribbean, and beyond. This is the largest Latin Street Festival in North America and is nationally acclaimed as one of the three major Hispanic events in the United States. It draws our collective consciousness to the beauty, love, and familial bonds of Hispanic culture as well as the rich historical backgrounds of Hispanic people

The 116th Street Festival, with over one million attendees, is the premier Hispanic event in the metropolitan city of New York. This massive festival stretches along 116th Street from 1st Avenue to Park Avenue through Third Avenue and from 106th Street to 122nd Street. Concert stages are located throughout the festival showcasing sports and TV personalities, business and political officials, as well as the very best in Latin music.

The 21st annual Festival will be held on Saturday, June 10, 2006.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

ReelSolidTV Episode 01

Keep Rising To The Top's (KR3TS) mission is to broaden the notion of what a dancer is and promote the preservation of ethnic and cultural dances.

Based in Spanish Harlem, KR3TS fulfills a need in the community to provide a positive alternative to social and street pressures by providing dance classes and support programs in a non-discriminating atmosphere. KR3TS also carries out its mission through its core-performance group that fosters pre-professional dancers.

KR3TS Dance Company caters to children, young adults of lower to middle income families in Latino communities of New York City primarily. The company also opens its doors to any other community. Their goal is to provide an outlet to develop skills and abilities that will enhance their lifestyles.

They learn to express their talents through dance, and are encouraged to set goals, strive for what they believe in, to improve their self-esteem, cooperation, and integration as part of a group, and to dream. They are secure with the knowledge that no matter what level of skill, they can achieve their goals through dedication, determination and hard work.

No matter what the obstacles, they must...

Keep Rising To The Top!!

The program offers a year round ongoing curriculum, for both males and females, ranging from 5 to 34 years of age, and has students from varied ethnic backgrounds.

Offered are private classes, workshops, performers, management for artists and dancers, coaching, artist development - height, size, age, race doesn't matter - this is a family, anyone can do it!! Practice is based in Spanish Harlem.

They are exposed to varied dance styles such as ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, salsa, merengue, and African dance. Participation in field trips to area performances, guest teachers and opportunities to showcase their talent at local arts and civic centers are just part of the fuel that keeps the KR3TS students improving and striving to be the best they can be.

They have been featured on the METRO Channel "Studio Y". They are also proud to have choreographed and performed to the title song of the film Blazin (featuring Angie Martinez, Phat Joe..) at the movie's premiere in New York City.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Reel Solid kicks off.....

6:50pm... May 27th... Saturday..... Reel Solid Productions kicks off and gets ready to rock. The goal is to get the information out there... Education... Entertainment. What the people WANT, and what the people NEED! :D

The brainstorming of B L & D sets off NOW, and this blog will demonstrate how we show and prove.

Thanks to all those who BELIEVE in what we're doing and are getting down with the program. Reel Solid Productions is an effort FOR the people... BY the people.


And it's ON!